Front End Obsession. The quality of an entrepreneur obsessed with the satisfaction of his or her customers. That is where FEO stands for. 

Or, in other words. We are obsessed by our customers and work hard to keep the trust.
That is also why we founded FEO AR.

FEO Augmented Reality was founded in 2016 in the centre of the maritime industry: the harbour of Rotterdam with a vision to change the way people think about supporting people who are at sea.

Of course we could never do that alone. That is why we joined PortXL in 2017. PortXL is a B2B maritime accelerator that brought that aims to bring the spirit of innovation within the maritime industry. A mission that suited us very well. 

And, although we only focus on remote support and augmented reality, we feel we are part of one big community of likeminded people from different backgrounds and with different technologies. 

Since then we now one thing for sure: it is only together that we can overcome the big challenges that our industry is facing. 

Let's make it happen! 

P.S this pitch was at the shakedown of PortXL 2017. Old, I know. But the challenges still remain the same. 

FEO Augmented Reality


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